Dentist in Encino - Dr. Mark D. Siegel, DDS Yelp 5 Star Review

Joel P., Los Angeles

When Mark opened his own office I was one of his first patients. I’ve been so satisfied with his work over the years that I’ve never entertained the thought of seeing another general practitioner. He is thorough, always explains everything very clearly, is always willing to answer my questions, has a great sense of humor and a very gentle touch, and has helped me improve the appearance and condition of my teeth with a more effective daily hygiene routine and regular preventive care. And if I should ever need to see a specialist, I know whoever he might recommend to me will be just as honest, conservative and professional as I have always found him to be.

On his recommendation, I started using the Phillips SoniCare electric toothbrush and flosser, which are absolutely the best dental appliances I’ve ever used. My teeth now feel clean every day, even months after my last visit, which is an experience that has more than justified the cost of purchasing these devices.

Over the years I’ve even had occasion to meet and get to know several colleagues of Mark’s at social events here and while traveling there, and they all speak very highly of his training, his experience, and his strict adherence to the ethics of his profession. If there are sharks or corner-cutters in dentistry, he is not one of them.

I’ve never needed any major dental work, and with the help of Mark and his staff, I expect to be able to continue saying that for the foreseeable future, and to keep all of my own teeth longer than anyone else in my family has so far.