Dentist in Encino - Dr. Mark D. Siegel, DDS Yelp 5 Star Review

Megan L., Quartz Hill

I’ve been seeing Dr. Siegel for my dental work for almost two decades now. I can still remember my very first visit; I had broken a tooth while playing basketball, and was in dire need of treatment. What impressed me then, and now, was how he and his staff treated me like I was more than just another paycheck walking through the door.

He always tells me what he is going to do before he does it; he never does work on me that I hadn’t asked for, and–medical necessity notwithstanding–he never makes me feel pressured or rushed into getting additional or follow-up work done. On the other hand, if I ever did need something big done, he was always frank with me about the severity of the case (he’s not one to over/underexaggerate), and would never fail to bring up every possible treatment option (even the less expensive ones) so that I could always be confident in knowing that I hadn’t been cheated of a fair choice and a fair deal.

Of the medical professionals I frequent, Dr. Siegel is one of the more talkative. He’s a good conversationalist. I feel comfortable talking about with him about what’s on my mind, and he seems comfortable listening to me. He’s also not afraid of telling me something for my own good. I remember I wanted him to replace some big silver fillings with white ones, but he told me that the fillings were simply too large and a better course of treatment was to do crowns or onlays, or simply to leave the fillings as they were until the time came that they needed replacement.

Bottom line: this is a guy who isn’t afraid to say “no” to you when you’re in the wrong. He won’t force you to get work done, and he won’t let you tell him how to do his job, because he’s knowledgeable enough at what he does to know how do it right the first time.

Really, of all my doctors, Dr. Siegel is the only one that I’d call a friend.